Monday, August 31, 2009

Daddy's Li'l Helper

Sam was so proud to stand on the utility shelf of the step ladder and help his dad with the important task of installing a new ceiling fan in the bonus room. There's just something about ladders and must be a boy thing!

Fun Pics to Share!

Whoa! Those are some big shoes to fill, Sam! Okay, I'm slightly embarrassed to say those are actually my Rx Crocs--specially formulated to cushion and support my 90-year-old-lady feet. I know, I know--they're hideous--but, it beats walking barefoot on these hardwood floors all day!

Bath time! They are taking a break from "swimming." And, later in life, they'll thank me for taking this picture with strategic water placement:)
Could it be??? I have two boys seated and playing happily...together? This lasted about a minute and a half before Sam crawled on the table, stood up and started counting, "one, two..." before I threw the camera and ran to catch him before he jumped. It was a good 90 seconds, but I guess it had to end sometime.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

These Kids should come with a Warning

We've been taking advantage of McAlister's Deli's "kids eat free after 5 on Tuesdays." I snapped this picture after Cousin Baylee, Neighbor Katherine, Jack and Sam had all enjoyed their free meals and were treating the other diners to quite a show of post-dinner enthusiasm. Thank God, most people without kids know to avoid places like McAlister's on the kids-eat-free days!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whitewater Center Adventure

We were very excited to get a call from our good friends, Andy and Alli and their boys early one Saturday morning inviting us to spend the day with them at the U.S. Whitewater Center. The boys climbed the rocks, watched the rafting course fill with water, and stared in awe at the people using the zipline. Then, we made our way down to the Catawba River, where we watched a group set out on a canoe trip. After they were all in the water, we let the boys jump in a few kayaks for a quick photo op. We relaxed and ate a good lunch at the Whitewater cafe before heading home for a lazy afternoon nap.

Lazy Days of Summer

We're loving the slow, unplanned days of August. There's so much to NOT do before school starts up in September. The pool is one of our fun destinations that fills our mornings or afternoons, including this afternoon when NOT cooking dinner was on my mind. After boogie-boarding, playing Ring Around the Rosy in knee-deep water, and generally splashing about for an hour or so, we gathered with good friends for a delivered meal from a local pizza parlor--now this is Summer!

Loquacious Sam-Sam

Here's a photo of my little guy, Sam, taken by my not-so-little guy, Jack. Sam's face is all torn up from a head-over-heels fall down my neighbor's stone steps, but he sure did find a smile for his brother.
I think the several weeks around his cousins in July really helped Sam develop his vocabulary. He went from saying several words (one at a time), to speaking in phrases, and then--to our absolute surprise--speaking in sentences.
When we returned from Michigan, he told Rick, "Bye, Daddy," as he left for work. Then, we started hearing things like "thank you," and "help me." Soon after, he was saying, "I want______ (insert noun, usually the words "bubbles" or "cookie"). One evening during dinner, I grabbed some ketchup and put a little on my plate. Sam pointed at it and said, "I want some, Mom." I about fell out of my chair.
I love that he's able to communicate so well, and his little voice is sweet music to my ears. Thanks to all the cousins who had such an impact on Sam and encouraged this new loquaciousness.

Uptown Adventure

We joined Katherine, Brady, Stacy and Stacy's mom for a fun morning trip to Imaginon. We took the train (of course!) and snapped the picture above as we awaited its arrival. As soon as I pulled out the camera, Sam started saying "cheese," and did not stop until the camera was out of view. The top picture is of a fun magnetic picture frame with movable pieces so you can create your own masterpiece. I think Sam thought this one piece was moving too much!

A New Normal

Rick was flipping through our July photos and got some good laughs at the expense of himself and his family, so I thought I'd share some of the crazy family (his side:)) photos we took last month. First up: Great Grandma--the fashion and cool weather victim. I think everyone kept handing her additional clothing/covers as the day went on, and, well, she's Grandma, so she graciously accepted the offerings. Second & Third: Rick and Uncle Chad sport their kids' (respectively, that's why Chad's are pink!) swim goggles--too funny! And, finally: Uncle Rod, oh, Uncle Rod, that was (emphasis on was) the kids' slide.