Thursday, March 31, 2011

Video from Sam's Class Celebration

He was sooooo uncomfortable being the center of attention! My humble, little Sammy.

Sam's Class Celebrates his Birthday!

Sam's teacher has him standing on a chair so that all his classmates can sing to him!

Sam's friend, Sophie, shares her birthday cookie:)

Circle Time!

Self-photograph:) We didn't do too badly, did we?

I had so much fun joining Sam's class for his birthday celebration. His teachers really made him feel special. Happy birthday, Bud!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Our big three-year-old SuperSam!

He chose this cake from Harris Teeter:)
Don't mess with this birthday boy!

At 3 years old, Sam:

* Loves garbage trucks (will follow the garbage/recycling trucks completely around the cul-de-sac as they pick up bins. The recycling guy actually let him pull the lever that lifts the bin one day, and tells him every week, "Do good in school. Okay?")

*Wears a Superman costume several days a week, which has earned him the nickname, "SuperSam."

*Is a homebody--would rather be home than anywhere else

*Will sit in a pile of dirt with a digger for a long time, and often has dirt under his fingernails

*Is the messiest eater alive. Go ahead, invite him over for dinner. We dare you!

*Loves his big brother:)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boys!

Birthday Lunch at Red Robin

Sam sees dessert--and an entourage of singing waiters--coming his way!

I ate it all!


I took the boys to Red Robin for their birthday lunch. They love Red Robin, I think for the same reason all birthday boys do--birthday dessert! It was a special meal with my boys:)

Birthday Party!

Where are all the kids? Guess!

It was a Star Wars birthday party

Alli and Tristan help get the party started!

Friends & Neighbors

Jack and Walker--kings of the bounce house!

They came out to eat, then went right back in to bounce some more:)

Jack Skywalker

Sam Vader

Mama Force

Sam loves a cupcake


Dark side, anyone?

The kids wanted to tell scary stories--they did a good job; it was more cute than scary, though:)

Jason & Ava stay warm by the fire

With birthdays four days apart, it's almost impossible to celebrate we don't! Unfortunately, we lost half our bday party guests because we had to move the date up to avoid bad weather. Even so, what a great time we had celebrating the boys with good friends and neighbors!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jack's Class Celebrates His Birthday

Ms. Gulish pulls Jack to the front of his class for some recognition.

We pulled Sam out of his class to join Jack's class do "circle time" during his birthday celebration.

We celebrated with doughnuts covered with colorful sprinkles. They all sang to Jack, and then he got to pick a gift out of the birthday box. What a fun day at school!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Our five-year-old boy!

Breakfast fit for a birthday boy!
At 5 years old, Jack:

* Loves Star Wars, especially light sabres

*Is a great big brother

*Can read 50+ sight words

*Loves to play outside in the "woods" (the trees and bushes that surround our lot)

*Wants to go to kindergarten NOW!

*Asked for a remote control car for his birthday gift

*Planned his sixth birthday party on his 5th birthday (it will be a Spiderman-themed party)

We love you, Jack! We are proud of the little man you have become:)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Minutes of My Life

Here is a sample conversation between Sam and me:

Sam: Mom, will you fix my flashlight? (for the 4th time)

Me: Yes, Hon.

Sam: Are you going to the bathroom?

Me: Yes, Hon.

Sam: Poo poo?

Me: No, Sam.

Sam: You a girl, Mom?

Me: Yes.

Sam: Don't fall in, Mom.

Me: I won't fall in, Bud.

Sam: Wow, those are big undies!

Me: (speechless)

Sam: Will you fix my flashlight?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome to the World, Grace Kathryn!

Oh, we are so excited for our newest neice and cousin, Grace Kathryn! Welcome to the world, little girl. We cannot wait to meet you! Congratulations, Jason and Traci, Averi, and Lucas!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Smell of Smoke

My neighbor (who recently discovered that squirrels were in her attic), smelled smoke in her dining room one afternoon. We were all outside playing with the kids, so she had us, one-by-one, go into the house to try to determine what the smoke smell was. We all confirmed there was a smell, but no visible smoke. We decided to call the fire department, and then tell the kids...

...who were very excited! Within minutes, we had them all gathered on our driveway, and they could hear the sirens. The firefighters arrive--even a firechick! They checked out the house, and then let the kids look at their cool tools!

Heading back in to give the verdict (squirrels chewing on wiring??).
They were told to have someone check all the ducts.

They were so good during all the excitement!