Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Chili Dinner and Bonfire

I think this was our 2nd annual Halloween Chili dinner and Bonfire. The weather was much better this year--a perfect Halloween! We set up on the Lilly's driveway while the kids went trick-or-treating, and by the time they got back it was dark, and the bonfire was roaring.

Ava, as Little Bo-Peep

Let's get organized. Let's see, we've got Brady, the fireman (Sam's costume from last year, Noah's from the year before! We're a very green cul-de-sac:), Sam, Buzz "Year," Jack as Jengo Fett, Katherine as Rapunzel, Noah as Buzz Lightyear, and Ava as Bo-Peep.

Joining the party is Austin, the firedog

And, here's Tristan, the firefighter (Jack's costume last year)

On Neighbor, Beth's porch

Trick-or-treating in the 'hood!

We may have overwhelmed a few homeowners with our rush to get goodies:)

Let's keep going, Dad! They're giving me free candy!

Hi, Dad!

Rapunzel, your hair is gorgeous!
Woody and Jessie (AKA Shannon & Ashley)

This loot is getting heavy!

Down from the sugar high...

Rick has borrowed Katherine's hair:)

What a handsome firefighter!

Stacy warms up by the fire

There's my manly man!

Eric, you are one tall dude!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party 2010

Now, that's some pizza!

Yum! Pizza, green beans, and fruit

Owen gets in on the action!

The Lilly family hard at work

Ewww! pumpkin guts!

Stacy and Katherine hard at work
How did I get roped into this?

Rick shows the kids how he lit The Cat in the Hat pumpkin

We did it!

Where: Our Garage

When: Halloween Weekend

Who: The cul-de-sac kids & families

What: Pizza and pumpkins!

Ava with her Ariel pumpkin
Katherine with her Ariel pumpkin

Shannon & Noah with Yoda

I made a cool Star Wars carving!

Nicely displayed on the front porch

Monday, October 25, 2010

Aw Shucks! Pumpkin Farm

Checking out the pond

Resting after a hike through the woods. He and Katherine found over 10 birdhouses on the trail. At the end, we were told there are 17 of them.

Katherine, Sam, Brady, and Jack. Our annual trip to a pumpkin patch with the Heintschels was as fun as ever. This was the first year we tried this farm; there was so much to do; it was definitely worth the drive.

My only beef with this "pumpkin" farm--these were the only pumpkins, and half were rotten! The kids would pick them up by thier stems, and the gourds would fall straight to the ground. The kids thought it was funny.

Sharing some love in the corn maze

"It's this way out, Daddy!"

"No, I think we go this way."

Sunset hayride
A rare picture of Jack and me

Jack and Katherine "milk" the cow--this one won't kick:)

Brave boy!

Two cute kids:)

This thing got a Hemi?
In the old railcar, checking out the old luggage

You know it's a good slide when you get a potato sack to ride on!

Couldn't stay awake for a fast-food dinner on the car ride home!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Bike Rider

Sam has really taken to his bike lately, and he's gotten quite good at it! He and Ava ride around in circles almost every afternoon. They especially like "rear-ending" each other; it cracks them both up. I have a video, but Blogspot and I are warring over videos lately--arghh!