Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Sooooooo excited!

Waiting in the cafeteria with all the other nervous kids and parents:)

Almost time to head in to his classroom!

Sam, the supportive brother:)
Well, the first day of kindergarten was great!  Jack's teachers are very nice and very structured--which bodes well for us on both ends.  We knew Jack would do great, and he readily joined his classmates when his teacher came to call them into the classroom.  No tears from any of us--yea!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Coast Guard Festival Fun!

 Ahhh...the annual early-August trip to Southwest Michigan for the Coast Guard Festival--so much fun packed into one week.  Here we are--half way (in Kentucky)--visiting Gary and Mary and their kids Peyton and Brady.  The Wortz clan is so nice to take us in for one very quick overnight stay every year. 

The Wortz and Wilcox kids--thanks to Brady for introducing Jack to Beyblades--our new obsession:)

Road-weary parents--gearing up for day two!

Saturday morning after the Coast Guard run (I ran, which I guess is why there are no photos???).  Jack spit out his first lost tooth before winning his heat of the kids' Tot Trot, and when I finished the 10k, he held out his palm, tooth inside:)  Here are Branko, Averi, and Lucas preparing to ride the Lions float in the kids' parade.

My newest neice, Grace! So sweet, but just wait 'til that hat comes off--she's got some crazy hair!

The whole crew (minus me--forever behind the camera:()

Nearing the finish--it's HOT!

Lukie won "Best Waver."  I don't think he stopped the entire time we were "floating."

Back at Grandma's and Grampo's.  I caught Jack and Averi on the deck, sitting out there like an old married couple.  So, I said, "Jack, put your arm around her."  Well, this is what I got:)

Pepa and Grandma Julie's going away party!  Aunt Traci has the best toys!

Working up a sweat!

Rick is teaching Averi and Jack how to surf.  Too fun!

What up?  Sam prefers to hang out by the buffet:)

Pepa takes Gracie out for a swim.  What four-month-old spends hours, yes HOURS in a pool?  This one does!

My water-logged hubby:)

Rick takes Sam out on Jacob's skateboard.  Amazingly, not one of those naked, pruny toes got scuffed after hours of skating.

Aunt Angie gets in on the lawn races for the 5 and under set:)

 Auto Show!  This is where Jack was introduced to Mustangs...now, he can spit out all the details about each one he sees on the road in about 5 seconds--including decals, engine size, type, spoiler, etc...

"I'm fast, but I'm human."  Jack takes a break from racing.

Lego Experience Tour!

Sam, building away!

Ready to race!

Free Lego play?  Can't beat it!

Having fun with Legos at the waterfront.