Monday, June 22, 2009

A Surprise Beach Vacation

When my friend Charlotte asked if the boys and I wanted to join her and Walker at her friend's beach house last week, I think my answer was, "ummmm...yeah!" The house had some work done early last week, and since it's usually a weekly rental, the owners weren't able to rent it. So, Wednesday morning we packed up the Tahoe and headed for our FREE 3-night, 4 day beach vacation with the kids. We were so excited.
The weather was awesome, the house was great, the beach was wonderful! Here are some fun things we did:
*popped huge bubbles an old lady on the beach was letting the wind blow in our direction
*played in the surf (high tide was really fun)
*dug big holes
*touched a live sand shark (the non-business end) a fisherman caught from the pier
*went miniature golfing in the extreme heat, then enjoyed some ice cream
*took showers outside (the novelty did not wear off--they loved this!)
The kids did great--even traveling--although we now think you have to add an extra 1/2 hour per kid to your total trip time. For example, our 3 and 1/2 hour trip really took closer to 5 hours. So, when Rick and I head out for our 12-hr./2-day trip to Michigan later this summer, we're going to estimate that we'll travel 7 hours the first day and 7 the second day. We'll let you know if this theory pans out:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Breakfast

We went to a new diner for Father's Day breakfast with our neighbors and good friends, the Lilly family. Rick puffed out his chest to show off his "Super Dad" sticker the boys got him, and we asked the hostess to take our picture as we left--unfortunately, Jack and Noah were reduced to floating heads (hey, that's why she's a hostess and not a photographer:)).

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads in our lives: We love you! Have a great Father's Day with your families! To our Dad: We have missed you so much this last week. We're glad to be home and have you home. Thanks, Hon, for being such a caring, loving, and fun dad to my boys.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sam's MRI

Here are Rick and Sam in the waiting room at Levine's Children's Hospital last Friday morning. Sam did so well for not eating or drinking for over 15 hours. He didn't cry once--not once! We checked in at 7 a.m. and checked out at 11 a.m. Rick picked Sam up when he came out of the anesthesia, and although he slurred his words and ate a snack as if he had never chewed before, he was in good spirits. He thought it was cool that the O2 monitor on his toe glowed bright red, and even watched with interest as the nurse pulled out his IV. What a trooper!

We received the results in the mail today, and all scans came back negative. Praise God! So, we're going with the theory that what he's experiencing are "infantile spasms" caused by a body and a brain growing very fast but not necessarily at the same rate. And we're okay with that:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

This IS your problem!

This is Jack saying, "cheese." It's not pretty. He automatically says "cheese" when I aim the camera at him, but it does not produce a smile. We need a new word that will promote more desirable facial expressions. Any suggestions?

A funny story about Jack...
One night, we called Jack in for dinner. We asked him to wash his hands. He whined a little and told us that he washed them already.
"Jack. That was three hours ago. Go wash your hands."
"I did."
"Dad and I just watched you come in from outside. It's important to have clean hands before you eat. Please go wash."
Food is out. We are waiting to pray. More whining.
"It's your choice. You either wash your hands or you will not eat. You decide."
We pray. Jack is quiet in his seat. We (the rest of us) begin to eat.
Jack sits quietly. Then, with a very serious expression and calm voice...
"Dad, this is not my problem."
Much laughter from Dad, then Mom, then Sam.
"Honey, it is your problem, and you're the only one who can solve it. Do you know how?"
"By washing my hands?"

Living it up in Lexington

Rick took me back to Lexington for my birthday. We stayed with our good friends Gary and Mary for a whole weekend while the kids hung out at home with Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Chad. The weather was beautiful, and we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out around our old college stompin' grounds. The highlight was the Jason Mraz concert at Memorial Coliseum on campus--we felt like kids again!

Berry Picking at Hall's Strawberry Farm

Super-Auntie, Charlotte, scooped Jack up one morning for some strawberry picking at a local farm. Walker, Jack, and neighbor friend, Cole, picked their hearts out! Charlotte said they probably ate just as many as they put in their baskets, and their clothes showed it. That's alright, she had plenty of time to pre-treat, wash, and dry their clothes back at her house--the boys napped for over three hours (we actually had to wake them up). Hmmmm...must've been all those strawberry smoothies!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Li'l Shopper

Lately, I've been walking/running with the boys in the stroller up to Harris Teeter. I get some exercise, and they get a balloon and a cookie. Once we get there, Jack pushes his own mini-cart while I push Sam. Jack does an okay job avoiding my ankles as he maneuvers the little cart through the aisles. Occasionally, I find some "extra" items in there when we get to the check-out lane:) Oddly enough, he refuses to allow eggs into his cart (we've never had this issue with any other grocery item); I've asked him why, but he just says, "No, you hold them, Mom." Okay.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Auntie La-La!

Hope you have a great day, Carla! See you soon!