Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Chad gets Sam pajama-ready; Sam enjoys Chad's creative use for pants.

Nanee and Papa

Pilgrim Baylee strikes a pose.

Let's eat already!
Our gracious host and hostess prepare the buffet.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends! We are thankful for all our blessings and God's continued provision for our family.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ava!

He looks so serious, but I think that's just because juice is involved.
Brady wants a cupcake, that's why his mom is restraining him!

Sam plays in the remnants of birthday cake.

Ava blows out her TWO candles!
It's so hard to believe Ava is two! She was born just two weeks before we moved into the house next door. She's not just the neighbor girl, she's like the daughter we get to enjoy and then tell to go home;) One of my favorite things about Ava is how lovey she is; she's always looking to cuddle. She also calls Sam "Ham," which is what Jack called Sam as a newborn. Recently, it has turned into "Hammy," which I think is adorable. Love you, Ava!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Artwork for Dad

Somebody had some fun here!

Our mural for Dad.

Color choice is crucial.

Creating a masterpiece is messy!

Look! At what I have created!

One morning, the boys and I decided we weren't going anywhere! We turned down offers to go out with friends, and we turned off the phone for a fun, crafty morning with no agenda--except to get our creative juices flowing. We colored, stamped, played with play-doh, painted, and had an absolute blast! Here are some photos from our morning of creative fun.

Neighborhood Soccer

The boys are having a great time in the neighborhood soccer program started by some innovative and motivated parents (innovative for coming up with such a cool idea, and motivated to not pay the $100+ price of area soccer programs for pre-schoolers). They practice every Saturday morning, and they're getting really good!

Sam takes a break...thanks, Dad, for the steady hand.

Jack and Katherine hike through the gate, over the bridge, up the hill to the practice field.

Run, Jack, run!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Those are stitches (2) in Jack's upper lip! We had been having one of those mornings, you know, the kind that makes you think that you're losing your child--he's finally gone over to the dark side. I'm joking of course, but we did experience a monumental battle on this particular Wednesday morning: Rick and I (and warm-weather clothing) vs. a 3-year-old fashion-conscious warrior who was "warm in my pajamas." So, we ganged up on him and...sent him to time-out in his room. When Rick opened Jack's door to fish him out of lock-up, he did not know--how could he?--Jack was waiting for him, standing within inches of the door on the other side. Jack's lip stopped the door, and when I heard the crying, I just thought it was phase II of the battle. Instead of heading to school that morning, Jack went to urgent care for stitches...wearing his clothes (not the way we prefer to win a battle, but we'll take one in the win column any way we can get it).