Monday, July 19, 2010

A Place for the Easels

Rick's dad made these magnetic/chalkboard easels for Cheryl's preschool classroom last year. We asked for some for our playroom, but ended up putting them in the garage. Rick mounted them, put a bucket of chalk next to each easel, and threw an old paint can underneath for a seat. The boys loved it! We even put a bucket of water between them with some sponges for "erasing," which wouldn't have worked in the carpeted playroom.

Sam at work.

A clean slate.

Let the artistic juices flow!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hiking at Gfather Mountain

Grandfather mountain is one of our favorite places to take the boys hiking. The trail up to the bridge is challenging, yet manageable for everyone. We brought along Nanee and Papa, which was fun, too. It was so windy up there, we had to hang on to the boys so they wouldn't blow away. Of course, no trip to the mountains is complete without a stop at The Mast General Store and The Candy Barrel. Yum!

Nanee and Papa navigate the rocky terrain.

The boys pose at the top and try not to blow away!

On the way down!

Pretending to fly...

Outside The Mast General Store (like my new hat?)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New "Chicken"

The boys have always liked playing with their friends' play kitchens, and I noticed that when we visited the toy store Sam spent a lot of time in the kitchen corner of the play area. I found this kitchen on Craig's List for a great price much more easily than I anticipated. I thought I'd be wading through pink and purple kitchens for days. The lady who sold it to us threw in some food and utensils, which the boys thought was great. Sam still calls it the "new chicken," and his simple mispronunciation has stuck.
This was the first meal the boys made me with their new kitchen...yummm! French fries, onion rings, and eggplant! We have since "shopped" for more food.
Jack celebrates in front of the new kitchen

The phone's for you, Sam!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daddy's New Office

Proud Dad!

The kids raided his candy drawer and his piggy bank!

What a view! It actually faces south toward our house.

Hud the Stud!

We knew Hudson was coming before he was even conceived. We didn't know he'd be this cute, or laid back. We didn't know he'd look like his big brother did when he was born--that surprised us in a cool way. When Taylor and Charlotte started the adoption process, all we knew was that if this all worked out, it would be a huge blessing! Now, here he is almost a year later--all arms and legs at birth, just like big brother Walker! We love you, Shackleford family. God has blessed you immeasurably! Welcome, Hud the Stud!

Hudson's first day home. He's a week old!

In the hospital--love the hair!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

The neighborhood parade. People in the parade outnumber spectators about 100 to 1.

Festive Rick.

Sammy in his jammies, went to sleep and woke up with a fever. It was gone by 12noon with no other symptoms. Thank God!

Jack is focused on the parade ahead!

Sam and Papa enjoy the fireworks show.

Happy Independence Day!

Rick and I pose for a rare picture together.

Patriotic boys enjoy a snack.

They're patiently awaiting the start of the parade.

Jack packed his headphones for the fireworks. This was his idea!

Happy 4th to everyone! Rick was out of town on the 3rd, but I took the boys to the 4th of July parade in Waxhaw in the morning and then to see the Pops in the Park concert and fireworks show in the evening. It was a late night, but lots of fun! Rick was back home early Sunday (the 4th), so first thing in the morning we decorated the bike and stroller and headed down to the neighborhood parade. Later, we went out to see his parents, but not before crossing the border into SC to pick up some fireworks. It was a busy, fun weekend!