Friday, August 27, 2010

At the Beach House w/Katherine & Brady

What's up, Mom?

Getting some air!

All six of us at the beach on Isle of Palm

This is the beach right in front of the condo!

Mer-man Jack

Brady, Mermaid Katherine, and Mer-man Sam

Where'd that big wave go?
It's been a long day. Let's wind down with some TV.

Rub-a-dub-dub...thank God for big tubs!

Whoa! He's got crazy hair, and he knows it!

Happy to be making a mess at the beach house!

Dinner out!

It was kids' night at this restaurant, which meant that they ate for 99 cents and got to watch Finding Nemo on the big screen TV!

Bubba, the local parrot/comedian--the kids loved him!

Finally, got that hair under control!

Jack takes off. This was the first time all summer that he was able to swim from side to side of the pool. Once he realized he could do it, he did it over and over and over again. So proud of himself!

Playing in the surf!

This is where Sam spent most of his pool time--right next to the hose and shower (he loves running water and made sure all of our beach items were sand-free).

pool rat

This was a giant horseshoe crab that washed up--it didn't look anything like a crab!

Sammy and his shovel.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Congrats, Uncle Jim (The Jaspers move to WI)

Carla's kids are soooo good with the boys!
Sam liked the view from up high!

Quick! Smile! Before the mosquitos carry you all away...

Jack had a little cousin-crush on Madi:)

Well, we were lucky enough to catch Carla and the kids in Battle Creek less than a week before their move to Wassau. We were sorry to miss you, Uncle Jim, but we are so proud of you! Congratulations on your new home and job, guys!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coast Guard Festival--Kids Day!

We had the whole bouncehouse to ourselves for about 3 minutes!

Sam pets the parrot--not sure if this was the same one that scratched Averi!

This Coast Guard guy was over 9' tall!

Mom braves the firetruck's spray and cools down with Kaylie and Averi

Bouncin' fool!

After the Kids' Day festival, we walked down to pronto pups and parked ourselves in the grass near the boardwalk for a quick lunch. Yum!

Michigan--2 and 1/2 Weeks of Summer Fun!

This brotherly love thing is really intense! Jack & Sam in front of the Harbor Trolley.
Riding the trolley.

Branko & Mom keep tabs on Jack who wanted to experience the trolley from front to back!

The boys feed the seagulls...and then get scared when they're swarmed by them:)

This turtle will be conquered!

Help! Grandma put me in a tree!

There's a monkey in that tree!

We watched this butcher fillet this salmon caught fresh earlier in the morning.

The butcher was inside this "cage" with spectators on all sides, much the same as theater in the round except without actors and more blood and guts.

The fisherman hangs his catch for a photo opportunity at the Grand Haven boardwalk.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lake Michigan/Grand Haven Beach

Jack and Averi play in the surf

Making sand mer-men

That was a big wave!

Hi, Aunt Traci!

Averi is a little waterbug!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Michigan, cont...(Uncle PP's Pool)

Uncle PP's pool is so much fun!

Isaac forgot his suit, but still came ready to party

Peek-a-boo Sammy!

Sam gets help from Pepa to launch some water at his cousins

We see you, Lukie!

Pepa feeds the baby birds gummy worms...


Thanks for showing me how to use this. It's really very useful...oh, wait, you want me to be in the water?

I'm good out here, thanks.

Let me try!