Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jack & Averi...Together Again!

Here they are entertaining the masses at the Grand Haven 4th of July fireworks show. Jack and Averi completely tuned out the rest of us and enjoyed each other's company. Jack was a bit scared when the fireworks started, but he quickly got over it and enjoyed the show. The top photo is a partial group shot.

Sam's New 'Do

Sam's cousins decided to give him a mohawk. He rocked it.

Calvin's Real Estate

When we stayed with our good friends, Chris and Jill, in Michigan, we got to meet their new-ish dog, Calvin. Unfortunately, we were mere hours away from meeting baby Luke who decided to join their family shortly after we left:( Congratulations, Chambers family!
Jack and Sam (for some weird reason) took up residence in Calvin's doggy bed and in his crate. They found it so novel that they actually enjoyed a snack together in his bed, and at one point, Jack grabbed a whole basket of his and Sam's toys and dumped them in Calvin's crate. As you can see from the expression on his face, Calvin was a little dismayed.

Visiting with Pepa

Although it was short, we enjoyed our visit with "Pepa" (Pete+Papa). We ate a hearty breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then had a blast playing on the rocking chair front porch.

Monday, July 20, 2009


This may be the coolest airplane museum ever! It's name is a play on its location--Kalamazoo. We had so much fun looking at the planes, riding the planes, and eating at the Kitty Hawk Cafe that we actually did not put the boys down for a nap that day until after 4 p.m....and they slept until dinner! I can't adequately describe the experience, but I wish I could transport the whole thing down to NC. Too much fun!

Swimming in MI...Brrrrrr!

Well, we drove 14 hours to Michigan, and when we got there the weather was cool! Our first full day in the Great North was Rick's family reunion at his sister's house. I'm not sure if the temperature reached 70, but it did not stop the boys from swimming and me from taking a nap (bundled up, thank you!). We actually enjoyed almost a full week of cool weather before summer arrived in time for the 4th of July. Unfortunately, as I was packing up in balmy NC, my warm-weather brain did not plan for such cold weather (no jeans/long-sleeve shirts in our suitcases!). But, fortunately, as I scanned through our house one last time before leaving on our crazy journey, I did throw the boys' sweatshirts on top of the pile of luggage. Forgive me if most of the pictures look as if they were taken in one day. That wasn't the case--we just all continued to wear the same warm clothes over and over and over...

Cool Frosties on a Warm Day

We gave the kids Frosties from Wendy's, and one-by-one they all plopped down on this rock to eat their treats. When I snapped this picture, Sam had just vacated the tiny bit of real estate existing between Jack and Noah.

Secure in their Manhood

I'm one proud momma to display this picture of my boys enjoying a ride in the Barbie Jeep. I'm thinking this will be one to haunt them for a long time (graduation/wedding day slideshows).

We Need Privacy!

Sam often plays in the pantry, so I didn't think much of it when he went in there one morning after our run....however, within a few minutes, Jack joined him. As, I was packing our picnic lunch, Jack asked for a snack, and I absent-mindedly handed him some Goldfish. Several minutes passed, when I realized there was a steady clinking noise coming from the pantry. Little did I know, it was an invitation-only party for two (even though I did provide the appetizer).