Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We were so blessed to have Mom, Branko, Randy, Stacey, and Isaac with us for Thanksgiving. Despite just getting over a stomach bug, we managed to get it all together for a great dinner. Unfortunately, within a few days, we realized that we infected six of our guests. Wonder how many will show up next year?
Sam and I work on decorating gingerbread cookies

I may have tasted the decorations:)

May the force be with you!

A man's horse must eat, too!


Load 'em up!

Grandma and Grampo prepare to eat the big feast!

Dig in!

Randy, the first of the fallen:(

Stacey and Isaac enjoy a pre-dinner snack

Kids' table (we had the Geriatrics' table, which held grandparents and the parents' table, too!)