Friday, November 28, 2008

Lincoln Loggers

Rick and Jack spend a lot of time in Jack's room making elaborate Lincoln log houses and tunnels, and Sam enjoys wasting no time knocking them down!

Cute picture

This post serves no other purpose than to show off a cute picture of Rick and Sam...well, it makes me happy, too.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bad Hair Day

These pictures actually are in reverse order. Starting at the bottom, Jackson with his wild, post-nap hair, poses with my good friend and hair stylist, Mistie. We beg her to do something--anything!--to tame his crazy head. She sprays "rain" over the madness, and begins to snip, snip, snip! Ah, the reward at the end: for Jackson--a sugary treat, for Momma--a tame coiffure.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Momma's Weekend Away

Thirty two months. That's how long I've been a mom. Recently, I took a 24-hour trip to the mountains (Blowing Rock, NC) with my friend and neighbor, Caele, for a wedding. Caele is also a mom to two boys (3 yrs. and 8 mos. old). We stayed at the inn where the wedding was held, and it was absolutely gorgeous with the trees at peak color. Although the outdoor ceremony was a tad chilly and very windy, I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful setting. Caele and I enjoyed our first-ever day away from our children with good food, good company, lots of dancing, and maybe a glass of wine (or two) thrown in there. We returned to our families (who survived!) rested and rejuvenated. And we've decided to celebrate our friends' anniversary every year with additional girls-only retreats to the mountains. Can't wait until next year!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Photo Op

Really, I was not trying to torture my son, but the leaves and flowers in the backyard were gorgeous, and I had to get some pictures of the boys back there before everything turns brown. Unfortunately for li'l Sam Cash, it was too close to naptime. He actually was quite happy (as evidenced by the first picture) throughout the photo shoot; the sour face and tears came on full force every time I set him down. Rick says he has the "Goetz temper." I don't know what he's talking about.

Jack in a Box

This is one of the two "ball baskets" we have (ahhh, life with boys!). Jack found out that his scrawny little body fits perfectly in this one, and he was quite proud of himself--even though he needed some assistance getting out:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chris & Jill visit

Our good friends, Chris and Jill, came to visit the week of Halloween. The guys did a lot of biking, and we girls got a day out to the spa and shopping. On Halloween, we took the kids to our neighborhood "Spooktacular," and then came back home to put Sam to bed (he was a tired little cow). We enjoyed hot chili and a bonfire on our neighbors' driveway, and the kids went trick-or-treating. We had a great time with our friends, and Jack is still asking "Where's Jill?"

Indian Summer

We've had some really nice days in October--and even November. Nice enough to enjoy the sunshine in t-shirts and play in the pool (without water), which is what the kids were doing when I snapped this photo.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Some fun and funny things Jack is known to say:
*Feed bump, fider web (remember frinklers? He may have a feech impediment:)

*When Dad gets home, I'm going to give him a hug and a mooch.

*Whatcha doin'? (this question most commonly gets asked when you have food he wants)

*Nudie! Nudie! Nudie! (as he runs through the house naked)

*Wanna see it? (he asks this with pride in his voice after he poos)

*Sam, it's okay. Jack's here. (when Sam gets upset)

*I'm awake in the morning (to let you know he's not tired--no matter what time of day it is)